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What’s new on DrupalCommerce.org

Well, it’s been a little over 9 months since we launched the new drupalcommerce.org. As most Drupal developers have experienced, our “wishlist” of features continues to be longer than we can invest at any one time. But we’ve been patiently adding and improving on the site since we launched. Today is a special day because we’ve retired our old modules listing and launched a number of new features for our questions & answers tool.

New “Extensions” Listing

One of the coolest features of Drupal is the number of freely available contributed modules, themes and distributions. But with literally thousands of Drupal modules to sift through, it’s become very difficult to put your finger on what modules are currently available just for your store. To help you out, we’ve created an extensions listing:

Extensions Listing

We also have a great new category listing:

New Extension Category Listing

There are a few things you should know about the new listing:

  • Based on drupal.org - This information has been collected from drupal.org as an open-sourced scrape. Currently, the schedule for refreshing the data is TBD because drupal.org has blocked scraperwiki.org for the time being. If you have recently released a module and want it listed, please fill out our request form (you must be logged in to drupalcommerce.org).
  • Category Listing - The new category listing is an extremely valuable way of discovering modules that work in the way you need.
  • Sandboxes - Sandboxes are listed in a prominent way. There are hundreds of user-contributed modules that are shared but are not generally supported. These can be great for combining efforts towards a common goal or finding a module that’s about to “graduate” but hasn’t been officially accepted yet.
  • Searching - Searching is highly encouraged. The site search is apachesolr powered and allows you to “facet” search based on extensions.

Updated Questions & Answers

Figuring out how to build your Drupal Commerce store can be difficult. There are some great information tools available, including our Questions & Answers section. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to add more rudimentary features of a standard “Questions & Answers” community tool.

New Q&A Landing Page

Including a new topical listing:

New Q&A Topical Listing

And we’ve created a new “topic detail” page with assets linked to the display. This page can be very helpful in exploring a topic that you’re trying to understand like “Payment” or “Checkout.”

New Q&A Topic Detail Page

We’ve added the following features (with more to come):

  • New Listings - All new listing pages that will help you answer and ask the right kinds of questions. Including a nice visual representation of “accepted answers.”
  • Accepted Answers - Question authors will now notice a blue button next to each answer. You can click that button to “accept” an answer, which will help the rest of us get the most out of the questions and answers.
  • Comments - Lots of people have been creating answers instead of comments to respond to answers. That can be confusing, so we’ve enhanced the visual “add comment” button and “reply” button.
  • Making Votes Count - One of our new pages is the “featured” questions. All unanswered questions are available on the featured page, we just sort them based on votes. Have a question you really want answered? Get your friends and colleagues to vote your question to the top.
  • Top 10 Listing - We want you to get the recognition you deserve. The people who answer the most questions will appear on this list. The plan is to introduce “accepted answers” as a primary sorting number.
  • Guidelines Enforced - We’re going to really start cracking down on only accepting questions based on our published community guidelines, but we need your help. Starting today, all logged in users can flag a question as “inappropriate” or “duplicate.” Administrators will periodically go through and unpublish questions in that queue that are still considered inappropriate or duplicate.

Turbo Tickets Also, alongside our new Q&A tools, we’ve launched a paid-support option called “Turbo Tickets.” It’s a great deal if you need a guaranteed answer and time is money.

Updated Search Results

Search Results

Finally, another major upgrade since we launched is the apachesolr search results. Where else can you use an intelligent and curated search engine that has an index of hundreds of hours of videos, all of the available Drupal Commerce documentation, nearly a thousand community-contributed modules, and almost a thousand answers to common Drupal Commerce questions? DrupalCommerce.org. We’re building this site to empower you to build, contribute and find the Drupal Commerce information you need.

Josh Miller
Posted: Mar 5, 2013


nigelwaters on March 5, 2013

Drupalcommerce.org has come a long way. Love it. Would love to see an "all category at /extensions/module. Many modules blur the category lines and I found myself jumping through several categories to find a module I was looking for. Never did find it. The older version of this page you could just see an entire list of all of the modules. WOuld love to see it back. thanks so much.