CK Tip #1 - Social Logins

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This is the companion video to the blog post:

Please go to for full instructions (including screenshots) on how to enable social logins on your Kickstart 2 powered website!


joshmiller Josh Miller on January 31, 2013

I'll see what I can do. Yes ... google made it hard, but it is possible. Before I made the original video, my first attempt was for Google login. How far have you gotten?

harpsichord on February 27, 2013

Hope to see more this kind of video for Commerce kickstart especially on instructions for views (configure the front page looking).

BigElsk on April 26, 2013

Sorry for the late reply Josh. I tried to follow the FB video through and find the stuff i needed on Goog but couldn't even work out which API i needed .

I gave it almost a whole afternoon then gave up so we're only rocking FB logins when our shop goes live (soon hopefully). Drupal's great but it's never easy!

I've done this in WP plenty of times using MailChimp's Social plugin which also handles broadcasting posts - however they're doing it, they make it very easy:

Brian on May 4, 2013

Is this functionality specific to Kistart 2 or can it be applied to installations prior to CK2?

esbon on May 8, 2013

Thanks for the tutorial, everything is working as per the video instructions. What I am in need of is to make a redirect to the cart after login. I used login tobogan, but it only works with the default drupal login. I also tried Rules, but did not get anywhere either. Out of the box, this module is not very useful for my drupal commerce current need

Hendrik Martens on May 28, 2013

To give more info on my facebook login problem, I get the

The application has been authorized" message but in the addressbar I see the following: "/oauth/authorized2/3?error_code=190&error_message=Invalid+OAuth+access+token.#_=_"

And I'm not redirected to a page to register my user and I'm not logged in...thanks for any help :)

arthur on May 5, 2014

I've got social logins working fine. But an anomymous user who logs in with a social login still needs to create an account first before being able to use the social login buttons.
Can we have an option to create an account programticaly? Compared to how an anonymous user placing an order gets an account - Rules handles this? I've tried to setup a similar Rule for anonymous users to get an account to no avail.