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July / August 2010 Development Roadmap

Our code sprint at the end of June resulted in an abundance of tickets for outstanding development on existing systems and projected improvements to checkout to accommodate the payment system. Several of these include UI mock-ups provided by Bojhan for us to work towards. We also planned out the payment implementation as much as possible, considering different payment workflows (CC on site, hosted payment, hosted checkout, etc.) and payment information security. There were also certain items that we tabled for future discussion, like the implementation of shipping and taxes.

Tangibly, this discussion and development boils down to two things. First, there's a fine queue of issues tagged dcsprint3 in the d.o tracker to complete. Second, we have the following roadmap for development leading up to DrupalCon Copenhagen:

July 5 - 17

- Relocate entity forms and build functions to API modules
- Chase alpha 6, esp. to accommodate changes to Field display
- Finish sprint issues related to Checkout
- Complete proof-of-concept PayPal WPS integration through Checkout
- Update line item manager widget to degrade a la Checkout

July 18 - 31

- Flesh out Payment module and API
- Implement Credit Card payment method for on-site processing
- Provide proof-of-concept integration w/ a gateway
- Implement Addressfield UI, Order UI (sans comments), Payment UI

August 1 - 2

- Code review: Checkout, Payment, Addressfield

August 3 - 4

- Virtual code sprint: Shipping / Taxes planning
- Price system audit / issue creation

August 5 - 18

- Shipping and tax development as defined by the sprint
- Proof-of-concept shipping quote implementation
- Demo site reconstruction

August 19 - 20

- Code and documentation review
- SimpleTest fest

August 23 - 27

- DrupalCon Copenhagen!
- Beta release / demonstration

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Jul 14, 2010


valbudkin (not verified) on July 14, 2010

Real extreme programming :)

What about first beta release plans? We are going to develop a project with Drupal Commerce in early Septermber...

Ryan Ryan Szrama on August 4, 2010

Just stopping by to say I've unfortunately had the flu the last few days, causing me to miss Damien and anyone else for the Aug. 2-3 sprint. I trust everyone was busy anyways, but I'd love to recover time lost eventually. I'm just not sure how feasible it will be given the looming DrupalCon date.

Also, I overestimated how much work I'd get done on that cruise...

mikeefreedom on October 9, 2010

I'm just about to launch in to a major upgrade of a Drupal 5.x / Ubercart 1.x ecommerce website to Drupal 6.19 / Ubercart 2.4. In my research phase I've obviously come across the amazing and beautiful Drupal Commerce built specifically for Drupal 7...

What do I do now?

I love the changes, both in Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, so much I'm finding it difficult to find motivation to start my project in Drupal 6. Especially because on the night of my research I discovered Drupal 7 have only just released their first beta and while I was watching (the video of) your session at DrupalCon Copenhagen you released your second Alpha... Providence perhaps?

However, our soft launch date is set for the middle of November - optimistic to begin with. Do you think that Drupal Commerce will be able to be used in a production environment by then? Or potentially December?

Or am I dreaming?

Tell me now, I can take it. And thank you for your amazing work on this. Whether I get to use it now or in the future I'm still excited!