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Commerce 2.0 alpha2 released

The holidays are a distant memory, and Drupal 8 contrib work is happening in full force. Time for another 2.x alpha. The past three weeks have seen bug fixes, test work, and many internal cleanups. But let's focus on the bigger changes.

Reminder: Commerce 2.x alphas are NOT production ready. No upgrade path is provided between alphas, a full reinstall is needed each time.

New download method

Installing alpha1 required downloading 6 modules (Commerce + 5 dependencies), setting up Composer Manager, then running it to download the libraries. We've now reduced that to a single step thanks to Composer:

composer create-project drupalcommerce/project-base mystore --stability dev

This downloads Drupal 8 + Commerce 2.x with all of its dependencies (modules, libraries). It also includes a small install profile that enables Commerce for you. The spirit of Commerce Kickstart 1.x lives on.

Composer can then be used to add patches, additional modules and themes, as well as keep everything up to date (including core). It's basically an evolved Drush Make workflow. Big thanks to Florian Weber (webflo), for creating drupal-composer/drupal-project on which our solution is based.

See our new installation and contribution docs for more information.

GitHub repositories moved to the drupalcommerce organization

The Commerce repository used to be at commerceguys/commerce, while the documentation lived at commerceguys/commerce-docs. To reflect the fact that Drupal Commerce is a community project, we've now created the drupalcommerce organization and moved the repositories there. The old links still work (GitHub provides redirects), but updating your links is recommended.

Improved listings

All listings now have a Type field and filter. However, we recognize that most sites won’t have more than one store type or order type. That’s why these Views plugins know to hide themselves when there’s only one value available.

The store field in order and cart listings follows the same logic. Sites that only have one store won’t see the redundant information.

Order listing on a system with 1 store and 1 order type

Order listing on a system with multiple stores and order types


Orders are our biggest submodule. Not done yet, but we’re a lot closer this time.

  • Reworked the default workflows ("new" is now "draft", made "validation" and "fulfillment" optional).
  • Added a "placed" timestamp (time of checkout completion / finalization of a draft order)
  • Rebuilt the Order and Cart admin listings.
  • Implemented the user order listing and view page for users (user/%/orders).
  • Added the "Reassign order" action for moving orders between customers
  • Improved order add and edit forms.


We've spent a lot of time discussing checkout UX. Meanwhile, Matt Glaman (our friendly co-maintainer) has been implementing the initial checkout structure. Coming soon to an alpha3 near you.

Contributed module development

Outside of Commerce itself, we've also seen movement in the following modules:

  • Address now has a country views filter.
  • State Machine now has a state views filter.
  • Profile has an alpha2 with 7 new fixes. (thanks, subhojit777!)
  • Inline Entity Form has expanded tests and critical bug fixes (thanks, slashrsm!)

Next steps

We'll be releasing alpha3 in approximately 2 weeks. It will include further work on the permissions, cart, checkout, pricing, and taxes. Until then, happy testing!

Bojan Zivanovic
Posted: Jan 22, 2016


challenge on February 8, 2016

I'm quite busy to test all this now, but for sure will have some projects based on it this spring-summer.

It seems the core is going in the right direction: following more the point of view of those working in sales/commerce field instead of the web developer point of view it had in past.

I could also use it to launch a young international startup that is planned to scale quite a bit...
I was planning to use another platform , but had to delay the launch to September I think if all goes well, so there should be enough time to build it and launch on drupal 8 + commerce :-)
Thanks guys, drupal rocks!