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Drupal 7 Commerce Sprint Month Retrospective

One month ago we kicked off the Drupal 7 Commerce Sprint. This sprint is an initiative to work on Drupal Commerce 1.x and contributed projects in the ecosystem. Every week we have held a scrum in the form of office hours in the #drupal-commerce IRC channel, along with a Google Hangout for those who want to sprint virtually together.

What has been accomplished?

We have had over twelve participants since the first office hours and averaged around five attendees each week. Thanks to these community members we’ve accomplished the following!

New / Updated modules


Shout out to contributors

This wouldn’t be possible without the community contributors who devoted countless hours both during and outside of sprint hours:

As well the Commerce Guys staff who supported the sprint as well and the community contributors:

Want to get involved?

Come to the office hours in the #drupal-commerce IRC channel every Wednesday at 4PM GMT-4 to be part of the weekly scrum! If you can’t make the office hours, or want to jump right in, check out the following links!

See the original announcement: https://drupalcommerce.org/blog/40232/drupal-7-commerce-sprint

Matt Glaman
Posted: Nov 11, 2015