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Paris Drupal Commerce Sprint, February 22-26

During our last IRC meeting, we discussed a sprint in Paris at the end of this month. We set the dates for February 22-26 and will be working out of af83's office. We got a little bit of planning in but will need another meeting or two between now and then to be best prepared for our time together.

Until then, we'll keep cranking out product code and branch out into price / address / checkout code as time affords. Goals for the sprint right now are to further hash out the order specification and take advantage of Bojhan and fago's expertise to work on the Drupal Commerce IA and Rules 2 integration.

Anyone interested in joining us should post here in the comments and follow along in upcoming IRC meetings. We're looking to finalize attendees by the 15th and draw up our battle plans by the end of that week. I'm super excited about the potential to get a lot of awesome work done that week. : )

Costs will mostly be covered by Commerce Guys / af83, but if you can't make it and would be happy to send someone in your stead, stay tuned and we'll direct you to the appropriate chip-ins.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Feb 4, 2010


tcindie (not verified) on February 5, 2010

I must say, I'd love to join you guys in Paris. Current job situation is a bit up in the air at the moment, but I do have plenty of PTO accrued to take a week off of the current job.

Ryan Ryan Szrama on February 5, 2010

Would be awesome to have you join us. We'll need to nail down our lodging situation real soon to see who needs to get a room and all. Feel free to e-mail me if you think you can make it work and need me to promote a chip-in or something.

Cliff, BeInIt (not verified) on February 10, 2010

Hi gang.. was wondering if i could show my face at this event on 22nd Feb.

I'll be returning to the UK from france and could add this stop to my schedule.

I look forward to your response.

BeInIt - Drupal UK

Cliff, BeInIt (not verified) on February 10, 2010

Great, thanks Ryan for your swift reply. If i can be of any use i could be available for more than a quick stop. Get your thinking cap on!

Ill be leaving the UK late on Sunday 13th, then in deppest darkest france for a week before heading up. So any more news and info would be best before then if poss.

Internet access while away should be possible but likely to be irregular.

I look forward to meeting.


Richard Jones on February 12, 2010

Hi Ryan,

Further to our email chat... I am going to send my two senior developers. I can't really spare then for the whole week, but at least for the first couple of days. I'll also try and get over there myself on the Tuesday.

I just have to sort them out Eurostar tickets.

Are there any reasonable hotels near af83?


RIchard Jones
Technical Director
i-KOS Ltd