Drupal Commerce Overview

By Shane Thomas (smthomas)

This episode goes over a basic overview of Drupal Commerce and how it can be used to create a Drupal 7 based ecommerce website.

In this episode you will learn:

What is Drupal Commerce
How Drupal Commerce can be used to build flexible and dynamic ecommerce websites
Common Drupal Commerce terminology

Custom Email Notifications in Drupal Commerce

Want specific people to be notified when a particular product gets checked out? This screencast shows how, by adding a multivalued notification email field to the product. It's another great demonstration of why Drupal Commerce is built on top of rules.
This also gives a quick list of the 3 top reasons people have trouble with rules right at the top, so it's worth looking at for that reason.

Colorbox module with Drupal Commerce products

Using colorbox to present the images on Drupal Commerce products is really no different from the original techniques, except that the actual settings are done on the *product type's* display settings. Here's a quick runthrough of the process.

Colorbox is a light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.4.3+. This module allows for integration of Colorbox into Drupal.

Images, iframed or inline content etc. can be displayed in a overlay above the current page.

Colorbox Screencasts

Using Calculation Rules to Add Per-Item Shipping in Commerce Shipping

In this screencast I demonstrate how to do shipping charges per item in the cart. It shows using a loop in Rules and how to do something new and different with shipping.

We want to add $5.00 to the shipping charge for every item they have. So if the quantity is 5 for some line item, we'll add $25 to the shipping charge.

The technique is this:

Introduction to Commerce Shipping

This is a quick introduction to Commerce Shipping, using the new Commerce Flat Rate module. We create a flat rate shipping service and then a "free shipping" service and use rules to determine which one gets selected based on ship-to address.

The first concept is that we have a *shipping method* of *flat rate*. You can think of this as a shipping vendor or shipping provider. In this case, we're using *flat rate*, which doesn't have an actual provider behind it.

Introduction to Line Item Fields

Custom Line Items were a late addition to Drupal Commerce, but they offer amazing flexibility to the sitebuilder. In this first screencast about custom line items, I show how to add fields to the line item and explain why you might want to do so.

First we look at the Product fields. We are not talking about fields on products. We want to talk about fields on line items. A good example of this is selling a conference ticket, but we need to ask the customer the attendee's name for the conference.


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