A responsive, Multi-language, E-Commerce site selling iPhone and Smartphone
Cases and Covers, Bluetooth Speakers and mobile phone accessories.

Modules Used
We used Commerce Kickstart as a base, with a large number of custom
The migrate module was used to port the products.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
We offer a number of custom coupons which offer free shipping, a fixed amount of (in either

The new QDOS site was a rebuild of an older Drupal Commerce site from 2012.
Lightflows redesigned and developed the site, mostly from scratch, although
retaining a large portion of products which were migrated across. The old
site was poorly designed and slow, the goal was to create a modern, clean
site which was easy to navigate.

The site is responsive and uses a custom developed theme. We are extremely
proud of the quality and finish. Our theme uses the excellent boiler plate,
Skeleton. http://www.getskeleton.com - we developed many custom modules to
get the site exactly how we wanted. There are a number of innovative
features, such as:

- Full screen navigation and full screen cart
- A pop over, full screen language and currency switcher (please see the site
and access via the main menu).

Our clients goal was to produce an exemplary, modern experience for their
clients, but more importantly, an engaging site which sold more products. We
settled on a modern design philosophy which does away with the standard main
content area and sidebar approach and instead introduced a system of bands.
To achieve our band layout, each template was meticulously designed and
worked on with the design, copywriting, front end and development team.

We created some excellent parallax effects which can be seen throughout the
site, there are some nice examples on the cases and covers page,
http://www.qdossound.com/cases and a product page here
http://www.qdossound.com/cases/smoothies-nightlife. To demonstrate the
protective covers, we filmed and added background video of a ball bearing
landing on a phone http://www.qdossound.com/protection - no phones were
harmed in the making of the site!

To create page layouts which our flexible and utilising our 'bands' we use
our own internal short code system which allows us to embed parallax bands,
carousels and other interactive elements without the need to use, blocks,
panels or views.

To make category pages more effective, we designed a carousel which has a
device switcher added to it , an example can be seen here.
This allows us to get a large amounts of product onto the page in a small
amount of space. Customers can quickly filter down to their device.

Last but not least, a 'sticky scroll feature bar' was added to product
pages. What is one of those I hear you ask? Well, we made a conscience
decision to keep as much of the main product above the fold as possible -
this is to avoid scrolling. As a customer scrolls down the page, we provide a
sub-navigation which allows them to quickly scroll to section of the page, we
also wanted to maximise conversions on the site, so the 'Buy' button moves
onto this scroll bar so it's always in view.

Other notable pieces of work are:
- Adding schema.org markup to products so they are correctly indexed by
Google et al.
- Correct usage of HREFLANG for indexing French and English
- We have created a custom Google Merchant feed to add products to Google
Shopping search.
- Properly configured goal / conversion setup and cart funnels in Google

For maximum performance, Great attention was spent optimising images and
setting up caches, Cloudflare is used as a CDN.

We hope you like our work, we are proud of our achievement and our client is
over the moon.

Company / Freelancer
Lightflows creative agency developed the project from end-to-end with a team
of 4 internally in 12 weeks. More at http://www.lightflows.co.uk , find us