E-commerce site for a supplier of garden and play surfacing products for domestic and commercial customers - bark, playbark, rubber chippings, artificial grass and decorative aggregates. This is a new version of a site originally built in Ubercart but hugely improved using Commerce.

Modules Used
Multiple colour and bag size combinations were dealt with easily by Commerce. We moved the product image into the productdisplay element as this doesn't change for different sizes.
We have used Yotpo for product reviews which is proving to be a big success. Quicktabs is great for tabbed product content once we got rid of empty tabs.
We used commerce ajax cart to show a cart dropdown, but this did cause us a lot of headaches because of the properties of the slot we were adding it to.
I think if we were going to do this again we would use another technique for this - although the finished product is excellent.
The site uses mixed mode ssl using the securepages module and wrote up a recipe for doing this on our site -

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
There are some custom rules at the checkout which allow us to ask for a delivery date from the customer unless they have specified next day delivery.
This works across different checkout pages and is effortless for the customer which is pretty cool. The site allows for different levels of customer discounts managed by role,
for the store owner to grant a user a discount level they can just grant that user a particular role. We very often find that instead of looking for a module to help with a function,
Drupal Commerce already has the functionality if you just think about it a little bit harder!

The store currently has about 80 products and 343 variations. We have also integrated a third party invoicing system which takes a csv file of orders created from a view and imports them into Playbark's offline accounting package.

Company / Freelancer
Turtlereality Web Design
We are a web design company based in Wiltshire in the South of England and serving companies across the UK and overseas.

+44 1985 840 637