Nambour Hospital Florist

This is website/e-store for my wife's florist shop. It is the first website and e-store that I have built.

This is the first time I have built a website let alone web store. My Web Server Provider (Renfell Technologies) put me onto first of all Drupal. I am self taught based on perserverence and sheer pig headedness. I got very good at rebuilding everything from scratch after stuffing things up. I had no knowledge of Drupal, Drupal Commerce, PHP etc before I started and have stumbled along. My biggest source of information has been the community groups both at Drupal and at Commerce.
The goal was to move from a static web page for Nambour Hospital Florist (QLD Aust) to a dynamic web store. After about 18 months of work we arrive at the basic model. We have over 100 products based on product catergories. In some cases, the product is the same but the size varies (eg short, medium and long stems). We also provide our own delivery service so I learned rules to add various values for each suburb we deliver to.

Company / Freelancer
Freelancer - my wife and I own Nambour Hospital Florist