Commerce website for professional musicians selling
instrumental version of popular music in MIDI Karaoke format : MIDIFILES.COM

My name is Laurent HAVETTE, I'm from France and I'm working in the
net business since 1995. As a musician, I setup one of the oldest website
dedicated to music software called "tplm.com" (OSCommerce). Now, this 38000
files catalog has been transferred to a new Drupal Commerce website. The
catalog is now ready to be purchased, and I'm now working on new services :
musical quiz (recognize music from its instrumental version and gain some
credit - not very easy - I hope you will try ;) and a new homemade module
which will be able to extract and show each instrument track from MIDI files,
so users will be able to choose a music depending on instruments he wants to
play/learn + other usefull info (tempo, key, lyrics).

Modules Used: A lot ! :)
Userpoints, Quiz, EntityCache, Paypal, Moneybookers, Cheque, Wire transfer, Commerce
File, International.
As MIDI file format contains a lot of data
(artists,styles,instruments,notes, lyrics, etc) I needed reliable Drupal
Commerce modules to manage this huge amount of data and show useful information
to users.

Company / Freelancer