LED Profile24

ledprofile24.com is a multichannel retailer that sells high quality products
for indirect lighting using innovative LED technology.


LED Lightning

Marketing, Increased Conversion, Improved User Experience & Design,
Performance & Scalability
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ledprofile24.com depends on its online store to sell its products and provide
branded support for its traditional sales channels. They wanted a scalable,
high-performance eCommerce solution that would establish them online in the
LED lightning segment.
Grasenhiller had only a few months to deploy a solution that would:

• Better convey the brand online
• deliver an intuitive shopping experience
• deliver great shopping experiences and fast checkouts
• be mobile friendly
• offer all features of an online shop
• increase sales
• and have an easy-to-use admin panel

Grasenhiller provided the ideal solution for the customer with the powerful
open source module Drupal Commerce. The eshop combines modern responsive
design and an ideal user experience. Administrative operations in the backend
are organized, scalable, and the shop performs very well because of Drupla's
power and flexibility. And because Drupal Commerce eliminates the need for a
lot of custom coding, the new site can easily be enhanced and updated as
ledprofile24.com desires. The entire ledprofile24.com team is thrilled with
their new Drupal shop.

Company / Freelancer:
Grasenhiller GmbH
web: https://www.grasenhiller.de/internet-webdesign/drupal-cms
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grasenhiller