ItalyXP is a marketplace specializing in the promotion of unconventional tourism services.
The best memories of your visit to Italy start with eXPeriences.
Let’s face it, booking a flight to Rome and finding a boutique hotel in one of Rome’s great neighborhoods are no longer problems for the modern traveller. You can do this quickly online. And chances are, your flight and your room probably won’t be what you remember most.
At ItalyXP our vision of the best trips to Italy is all about eXPeriences. Whether visiting the Sistine Chapel or taking an excursion to Mount Etna during an eruption, the best memories of your visit to Italy start with eXPeriences. We’ll set you on the right track to follow whatever your heart’s Italian desire is—whether that’s learning to cook a real spaghetti carbonara in a Roman cooking school or driving a Fiat 500 or Ferrari along the autostrada to a quaint and secluded Tuscan inn.
At ItalyXP, we are happy to make this part of planning your trip as easy as booking your flight and accommodation. After all, it’s this third part of planning your trip—the eXPeriences—that will make all the difference.
Let put our eXPerience to work to make your eXPeriences unforgettable.
This is what is all about.

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