Humac is the largest independent Apple Premium Reseller (APR) in Scandinavia. Drupal was chosen because it is a global system designed to handle multi languages ​​in the system. Drupal is also ideal for e-commerce as the platform has approx. 800 pure ecommerce modules. In addition, Drupal is a good choice since it is easy to reuse templates and design as well as integrations to 3rd party systems and international payment gateways.

Total number of product variations are approx. 15.000 with 1000 products directly in the product menus. All products are imported from a Microsoft Navision e-shop PIM. This PIM defines product details, menus, related products, grouping, tax rates and so on. This way the product catalog is handled directly in Navision and imported to Drupal. The import is done by a couple of scripts running from cron. Stock status is fetched directly from the Navision PIM with a AJAX request.

Modules Used
This module provides time-based cart expiration

We did need extra panes in the checkout flow.

commerce_shipping + commerce_flat_rate
All shipping is implemented as flat rate shipping services.

We use search_api with the database connector for searching.

The bulk operations was mainly used in the development phase

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Custom tax rules was implemented to handle shipping to areas with no tax.
A custom flat rate service “store pickup” where customer pay in the store was implemented.

Company / Freelancer

Carsten Anthonisen
Sidsel Vitger
Tommy Davis
Christian Borup
Tom Helmer Hansen
Anders Skov Pape
Lasse Overgaard
Erik Beuschau