Ferrobellissimo's was looking to renew its website. The major issue on the old one was that it was no longer possible to correctly manage all the options of all the products. Price increases on a certain option had to be manually corrected for each of the beds. The other issue was that it was not possible to pay online. Desk02 developed the new site with Drupal Commerce with a custom backend that solved the management issue and integrated the site with Ogone for the online payments.

Modules Used
Commerce custom product for line item types per product type.
Commerce product attributes, to be able to go back to a configured product and change the options.
Fieldable vocabularies to be able to categorize vocabularies in collections.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
The price of each bed is dependent on the chosen options, There are options that increase the base price by a percentage amount and others that are a fixed price. Each collection also has different options available.

When ordering only an advance amount has to be paid. This required some custom view handlers and a patch to the Commerce ogone module to accept partial payments.

Shipments can be done to different countries and delivery can be to the door or to the bedroom which also results in different pricings. Moreover, when shipping to Switzerland the whole amount has to be paid instead of just an advance.

Company / Freelancer
The website was developed by Desk02, a Belgian webdesign company specialized in Drupal and Drupal Commerce.