Fast of the Forest

A one-off implementation of our VOD platform. A lot of effort is put on
streamlining the interaction steps prior to the purchase; login/register and
checkout forms are invoked and processed with Ajax.

During the spring of 2015 we will launch a multitude of VOD or One-off sites.
If everything goes by the plan, we will have a few dozen instances running by
the end of this year. Clients being international movie distributors and
smaller independent labels. Also live streaming (a web TV) is in our close

The big scope would be something like this: By the end of 2015 there
will be dozens of Drupal instances selling hundreds of different movies and
having a total amount of transactions in millions during one month. There is
a big demand on professional VOD technology outside the greediness and/or
unpersonalized front ends of providers like Netflix, Vimeo or Youtube etc.
One of the core solutions to fulfill this slot is the possibility of low
pricing combined with a neat, quick and easy way to buy a product.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Still banging with the discount module issue; the VAT is calculated from the
original price while it should calculate tax after the discount rule has
kicked in.
We will implement discount/coupons once some issues have been solved with the
custom ajax handling.

Company / Freelancer
Specialized in b2b VOD services. Content licensing is not our business. We
provide the technology for content owners/distributors.

At the moment our strategy is to keep low profile. Until we have a few bigger
VOD/One-off sites online. That's why the public showcase will have to wait a