Nick wanted to expand his activities abroad, founding in England a business to sell specialized seminars online. So he trusted us, once again, to create his online store that would support the venture. Thus, “Azentian” was created.

The aim was clear from the beginning. Simple, understandable and at the same time unique design that radiates not only prestige but also the long experience the company has in Greece. So, we designed from scratch a welcoming site with clean lines, easy navigation and most of all, a homepage that "shows" the entire content without tiring the visitor. Bear in mind that the homepage is the number one factor whether we will continue our navigation on a website.

Through programming in Drupal we gave Nick the capability, to directly manage the content without fear of accidentally entering invalid or bad formatted data. Nicely, simple and neat. Of course, a site created by Netstudio on Drupal platform could not be characterized austere, as it supports numerous configuration settings and addition of more features in a future update. The latter is a key factor for everyone who wants to see his business grow.

Azentians’ growth is taken for granted, as we made sure that the checkout process is as quick and automated as possible to avoid customers cancelling their purchase the last minute. A page where the customer sees his order and at the same time fills the required billing details leads him to pay through Paypal, one of the most valid online payment mechanisms. The customer and Nick have already been informed of the new order and can contact each other for further details. Good luck to Azentian and Nick from Netstudio's team.

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
Custom notification on certain line-items

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