A platform to sell art that allows the artists, galleries and art organizations to connect and do business together. The main platform does not expose a shop front but all products are being synchronized to remote microsites. Orders are being processed on the main site while the microsites offer each owner a shop plus website they can control for marketing their business online.\

Modules Used
Checkout Login
Commerce AutoSKU
Commerce Billy
Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount
Commerce Coupon Percentage Amount
Commerce Coupon UI
Commerce Custom Order Status
Commerce Features
Commerce Order Types
Commerce Product Clone
Commerce Stock
Customer UI
Flat Rate
Line Item UI
Payment Method Example
Payment UI
PayPal WPS
Physical Product
Product Pricing UI
Tax UI

Custom Pricing, Taxes, Checkout, or Shipping Rules
No custom rules but lots of custom code for product sync, order sync, shipping and logic on distribution of funds after sales.

Company / Freelancer
Digital Trotter Ltd - -
Snowflake Digital Ltd -