Drupal Commerce Made Easier

Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart is Drupal Commerce packed with features that make it more complete, faster to launch, and easier to administer. And like Drupal Commerce itself, it's free, supported by an active developer community, and backed by Commerce Guys' unmatched expertise.

Encourages Sales

Commerce Kickstart makes shopping on your site a joy with such features as drill-down searching, image zoom, product slideshows, and customer login through facebook and Twitter.

Simplifies administration

Manage orders, products, and customers through an intuitive interface that’s adaptable to your style and workflow.

Bends to your will

Every part of Commerce Kickstart is changeable to meet your needs, usually without coding. Need help? Tens of thousands of Drupal developers have the skills to do what you need.

Looks great on any device

A Commerce Kickstart-based site adjusts itself to fit any size screen, from iPhones to desktops. Standard techniques let you change the design to fit your existing site, while keeping its amazing shape-shifting properties.

Opens the door to possibilities

Commerce Kickstart is based on Drupal, the open-source content-management system that’s used by brands including Nike, McDonalds, Royal Mail, and over a million other websites. Drupal is part of Commerce Kickstart — you get its advantages automatically.