Commerce by Example

We are happy to have you taking a look with us on the Drupal Commerce by Example. It's a Lab at Drupalcon Austin. We will be updating this post with a video once it's available.

Slides: Commerce by Example Slides

Update, 6/9: It appears that the video below only has the first half of the session. We're looking into where the second half went.

Update, 6/11: Second half of the session is now available. Many thanks to the wonderful folks at the Drupal Association!


First Half (Bookpal)

Second Half (Blogorama)



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Drush Archive
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Josh Miller
Posted: Jun 5, 2014


joshmiller Josh Miller on October 6, 2014


Here are the notes from my part (Bookpal) of the presentation:

Purchase Existing Nodes

1. Install all of the Commerce and dependencies.
2. Edit the default Product Type to be called something useful, in our case “Book” makes sense.
3. Add “type of book” attribute field.
4. Add field to existing Content Type
5. Make sure to select the correct Product Type
6. Create a two books
7. Edit a node to attach a product to the reference field
8. Edit the display to integrate it with the site
9. Price classes: lead well well-lg text-success
10. Selling nodes!

Register for an event

1. Install Commerce Stock Simple, Commerce Customizable Products
2. Create a new product type called “Event Tickets”
3. Configure Simple Stock to track Event Tickets
4. Configure “Event Tickets” to have “Available Tickets” for stock field.
5. Create an Event Ticket.
6. Create a new line item type called “Event Registration”
7. Add product reference called “Tickets” to “Event”
8. Add “Event Ticket” to one of the Events, save
9. Edit the display to show price (with title), stock, add to cart form
10. Register for Event
11. Modify cart view to show lunch preference

... Not sure Nick has a simple step-by-step list?