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Commerce Extra

All three modules provided by Commerce Extra aim to improve the Drupal Commerce experience with some small tweaks. The module is in development status and some other submodules may be included in the next future.

The first submodule is Commerce Extra Address Populate, it uses an addressfield added to the user account for pre-populating any customer profile address information in the checkout phase.

Commerce Reorder

Commerce Reorder provides both a views button and a user menu tab that allows customers and administrators to repeat an order they have available in their order history.

The module creates a cart if it's not existing but if the customer already has a cart, it will add the elements from the past order in the current cart. Stock and availability of products reordered is checked so the user will be warned of what products can't be added to their cart.

Initial development sponsored by i-KOS.

Commerce Checkout Progress

If you're using a multi-page checkout configuration with Drupal Commerce you've already discovered how powerful and easy to use the system is, you can drag and drop the checkout panes within the pages but there's room to improve it.

Proof of this is our featured module of the week Commerce Checkout Progress provides a block and some settings in order to display to our customers in what step of the whole checkout they are, so if you're using several pages for getting the user through the checkout process no doubt you'll find this module quite interesting.

Commerce Multicurrency

Commerce Multicurrency provides a way to improve the multicurrency capabilities of Drupal Commerce. It provides both a way to do live price synchronization between currencies by using exchange rate services or setting a fixed rate but also a "manual" mode where you get a field for each currency in order to set a different price per currency.

The module also provides rules integration so you can check, replace and alter currencies and prices depending on a given context and also great UI helpers such as a currency switcher block.

Commerce Product Display Manager

Discover Commerce Product Display Manager in this new Commerce Module Tuesday screencast and see how to make product management easier for your commerce website.

Commerce Product Display Manager enables two UI features, the first one displays a widget in the product creation form and allows us to create a product display right from there or associate our product with an already created product display. The second feature of this module provides a dedicated administration screen with drag and drop capabilities to help managing products and displays.

Commerce Extra Price Formatters

Commerce extra price formatters provides a number of extra formatters for displaying commerce prices that extend the current ones provided by Commerce core.
Currently this module enables these three formatters but there will be probably others in the future:

- Retail Prices / Your price: A similar feature than Commerce Price Savings Formatter but with a different display result, allowing you to show the original, unmodified price of a product and next to it the user price, in tabular format.

Commerce Price table

Commerce Price table is a module that provides both a field type and a display formatter that allows to manage and displays prices in a table based in the quantity so that different prices can be shown depending on the quantity of products that the customer purchases.

It plays nice with the default price field, allowing to hide it in the edit forms and replacing it in a transparent way using the power of rules and all the pricing rules that you apply to prices are also applied to the price table, such as taxes, discounts, etc.

Commerce Price Savings Formatter

Commerce Price Savings Formatter achieves a very demanded and useful feature for managing Drupal Commerce prices, it displays the original price of the products crossed and enhances the discounted price, displaying the amount and percentage that the customer would save if they purchase the item. All those components are optional so you can choose which to show in your prices.

The module uses a display formatter for doing all these operations so it can be used both in the display fields configuration screen and in Views. Oh, and it is also VAT safe, which is a great thing.


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