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Commerce 1.x enhances cart calculation and order management

Have you heard about all the great new features being developed for Commerce 2.x?

Well, there's lots to talk about for Commerce 1.x as well. Over the last few months, we've released a number of features that are definitely useful for over 50,000!! existing Drupal Commerce stores and good to know about for future shop implementations:

  • Apply pricing rules - A new local action for orders that, when clicked, will run the pricing rules for that particular order.
  • Simulate checkout completion - A new local action for orders that, when clicked, will invoke the checkout completion events in rules.
  • Shopping cart refresh - These settings let you control how often the shopping cart orders are refreshed, a task that can impact speed at the cost of flexibility.
  • Entity Reference - Entity Reference fields support the Add to Cart form display formatter
  • Example Payment - Better example payment method included from Kickstart 2
  • + many, many more that can be seen in the Commerce 1.10 and Commerce 1.9 Release Notes

Order configuration screenshot

So we want to focus on three of these features: Applying pricing rules, Simulating Checkout, and Shopping Cart Refresh features. Also, an Order settings documentation page has been added that further details these features.

Features overview

There are three new settings added to Commerce Orders interface (reference the screenshot above) that are designed to enhance the order administrator's workflow. First up is the "Applying the pricing rules" action. This is designed to do the following:

  • All product prices will be reset and recalculated using the product pricing rules defined on this site.
  • Non-product line items may or may not be updated depending on the type.
  • Custom prices entered on the edit form will be lost.

Next up is the "Simulating Checkout" action. The idea here is to aid in creating orders in the backend that are dependent on a standard checkout workflow (outside of the current ability to just change the order status change). It handles the following:

  • The normal checkout completion process will be invoked on this order.
  • This may involve order status updates and e-mail notifications.

Finally, we have a great change to announce about cart calculation (the thing that recalculates all the prices in your cart for all your product line items). Instead of defaulting to simply recalculating on every page load, it is now possible for you to tweak how prices get calculated for owners of the order vs. administrators viewing the order and even how long your prices will stay calculated before we try to recalculate (assuming the price for those slippers haven't changed in the last 15 seconds is the default setup).

Hope you found this helpful! We're very excited about Commerce 2.x, but we're in for the long haul on Commerce 1.x as we continue to try and push Drupal 8 to a first release candidate.

Josh Miller
Posted: Dec 3, 2014