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BADCamp Drupal eCommerce Summit

BADCamp Drupal eCommerce Summit

This year's BADCamp will feature an eCommerce Summit on Thursday, October 24th from 9 AM to 5 PM in the Berkeley City Club. We're inviting everyone interested in growing their Drupal eCommerce practice to come talk "shop" as we listen to presentations and hold discussions about Drupal Commerce, eCommerce best practices, and strategies for the future of commerce on Drupal.

We really are looking forward to holding a participatory event where people may stand up and present information (good) but also where participants are engaged to ask questions on topics they don't understand, answer those questions they can, and collectively learn new ways to implement Commerce and grow an eCommerce practice (better).

The high level structure of the day is a morning focused on Drupal Commerce specifically and then a late morning / afternoon focused on aspects of eCommerce that may transcend DC itself (even though DC may be the reference implementation of the topic du "half hour"). Unofficially, we've split the day up into 12 topics followed by Q&A / discussion time, with those being a mixture of prepared topics and conversation starters delivered in typical bar camp format.

Our goal is for attendees to be exposed to new topics that will make them better eCommerce developers in the future and for them to contribute to the community the best practices and strategies they've developed for successfully launching and maintaining eCommerce sites using Drupal.

Confirmed Speakers

  1. Ryan Szrama of Commerce Guys discussing Drupal Commerce 2.x
  2. Scott Dahlgren and Nick Vahalik of Commerce Guys opening a conversation on selling and positioning Drupal Commerce
  3. Josh Miller of Commerce Guys with Kristof Van Tomme of Pronovix on a Commerce Kickstart 2.x demo with Walkthrough.it integration
  4. Bojan Zivanovic of Commerce Guys on all things recurring and subscription billing
  5. Matt Robison of the Louisville Web Group on the "low hanging fruit" of product marketing
  6. Rick Manelius, author of the Drupal PCI Compliance White Paper with a presentation of the paper and solid Q&A
  7. Jonathan Barsade of Exactor on sales tax and eCommerce
  8. Andy Giles of Blue Oak Interactive on Drupal Commerce migration and general migration strategy
  9. Lev Tsypin / Sean Larkin of ThinkShout / RedHen CRM on the "when and how" of integrating a CRM
  10. Michael Schmid of Amazee Labs on using Drupal Commerce for non-shop websites, including donations / subscriptions

We're still confirming the final topics and will liberally be passing around the mic, so come prepared with hard questions to stump the folks on stage. We'll pass the mic around liberally and look forward to hearing from you there.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Oct 10, 2013