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Deciphering the SQL of a View of Commerce Data

I am trying to decipher the SQL that a View uses to display some Commerce data. Here is the first part of the SELECT statement:

SELECT commerce_order.order_id AS order_id, commerce_customer_profile_field_data_commerce_customer_billing.profile_id AS commerce_customer_profile_field_data_commerce_customer_billi, ...

The first part of this is straightforward enough, it is just picking up the order_id from the commerce_order table. The second item, though is puzzling: the first part, commerce_customer_profile is just a table, but then the second part field_data_commerce_custom_billing is another table, and the two are connected by an underscore. In other words, the construct looks like this: SELECT table1_table2.field. I have searched at length for an explanation of this syntax, but cannot find anything

Asked by: Wyckham
on August 16, 2016