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Whether you want the simplest, most robust tools to turn your media social, or to find the right audience for your advertising message, ShareThis puts sharing to work for you. Use the most innovative social media and sharing platform for the Web, ShareThis.

Publisher Solutions

ShareThis empowers publishers with solutions to improve and drive value from the social engagement of their site. People share content that's most relevant to them, with people who they believe will also enjoy the content. That's why sharing is so valuable to marketers. More than 2.0 million publishers increase eyeballs, engagement, and advertising revenue through the ShareThis sharing platform.

Advertiser Solutions

The most valuable insight for marketers is contained within a share. It not only tells you what a person is interested in (or not), it also tells you who else might also be interested. Sharing not only drives results, it earns results. Put sharing to work for you.

Enhance your sharing experience across the web

It's because of great content and people who want to share it that ShareThis exists today. Check out the tools to help make your sharing experiences better and easier.