Localization update

Automatically download and update your translations.

Automatically download and update your translations fetching them from localize.drupal.org or any other Localization server. This module is based on concepts very similar to Drupal core's update module. Modules and themes with their corresponding drupal.org projects are identified and translations are downloaded for the appropriate versions. If you use git checkouts instead of package tarballs or zip files, use Git deploy module, so projects and versions are identified properly. (For legacy CVS checkouts, the CVS deploy module will work).

Enable automatic translation updates

The Localization update module helps you keep your interface translations for core and contributed modules up-to-date by grabbing them from the central Drupal translation repository (localize.drupal.org) or another Localization server. This means that you do not have to download and import translations manually. This module requires enabling the Locale (core) module.