Entity Translation

Translate Products in your catalog.

Allows (fieldable) entities to be translated into different languages, by introducing entity/field translation for the new translatable fields capability in Drupal 7. Maintained by the Drupal core i18n team.

Note: This module is part of D8 core now!


The Entity translation module allows entities (such as nodes) to be translated into different languages. Entity translation provides field-level translation, so that site builders can select which fields should be translatable. It provides a UI for users to translate these fields into other languages. Entity translation is not a replacement for the Internationalization package, which includes many other important multilingual features such as multilingual taxonomies, menus, and blocks.

Use Cases

Entity translation is particularly useful for content that should be language-independent and should always exist in all languages in the same state. Entities that include membership signups (groups), workflow status (issues), or that are involved in transactions (products) are good candidates for entity translation.