Views Megarow

Display content/form between items of a Views result.

This module allows you to display content coming from a menu callback between two items of a views result set as a modal-like. You can use it to display a preview of your node or to build an administrative form.

Views megarow has been designed to let you render forms in the megarow meaning that you can have validation functions that will block the form submission and once the form is properly submitted the line of results can be refreshed to display the new values.

How to use it

1. Create a new view
2. Select the "Megarow table" format
3. Add a "Megarow links" field
4. In this field enter one megarow link per line, the structure of a link is the link title and its path joined with a pipe sign (|) (eg: Preview|node/1).
5. Save your view and display your table
6. When you will click on a link, Drupal will load what's behind this page and will render it as the megarow content below the current result of the view.