This module provides you with a color field with a jQuery-powered colorpicker that can be managed in multiple fashions and provides a new field type to use colors in your contents, views etc.

Color Code Feature

Specify a hexadecimal value and use or not a color picker. By default you can use farbtastic shipped with core or you can use Minicolors if you enable jquery update with a version of jQuery >= 1.7.1. Minicolors is in a submodule to let you see how to use a new colorpicker.

Red Green and Blue textfields

Fill three input fields one for Red, one for Green and the other one for Blue.

3 Different Display Formatters

Display the raw RGB value (may be useful for views integration), a color swatch, the size of the swatch is configurable or a colored message (eg: Illustrate the color filled by the user).