Commerce MIGS Merchant

A payment method for Drupal Commerce for the MIGS payment gateway.
MIGS is used by ANZ eGate, CommWebb, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Bendigo Bank, and other banks worldwide. Payment gateway for EFTPOS in New Zealand.
Based heavily on Ubercart MIGS.

Merchant Hosted Only

This module implements the "Merchant Hosted" method ONLY, where a customer enters their credit card details and these details are sent to the payment gateway for authorisation.
If you are looking for a "Bank Hosted" payment method, where the customer is redirected to the bank's website to enter credit card details and complete the transaction, have a look at


1. Download the module to your contrib module directory and enable.
2. Go to admin/commerce/config/payment-methods and enable the
"MIGS credit card - merchant hosted" rule.
3. When the rule is enabled, hit the 'edit' link,
then the 'edit' link on the action.
4. Under 'Payment Settings' configure the payment method with
credentials supplied by your bank.