Commerce Cielo

This is a Payment Method for Drupal Commerce that connects and consumes webservices from Cielo, a Brazilian card operator for both credit and debit cards.
To find out more about Cielo visit

Main Features:
  • Works with Visa, Mastercard and Elo card flags.
  • Accepts both debit and credit cards.
  • Configuration option for collecting buyer's card details either at the merchants website (no redirection) or by redirecting them to Cielo (like a gateway)
  • Configuration option for choosing among the 3 available languages for Cielo's interface (used when there is a redirection) as well as for the status and error messages fetched from the webservice. The available languages are Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • Validates card details via a pre-built function from the Payment module shipped with Drupal Commerce (used when card details are collected at the merchants website).
  • When the Order currency is BRL and the selected card mode type is Credit then the buyer gets an extra field at the checkout payment pane with a select option for installments (payments in installment terms can only be made with credit cards issued by Brazilian banks).
  • Configuration option for entering the maximum number of installments on each card flag. This setting will have effect only on Orders in which the currency is BRL and the selected card mode type is Credit.
  • Configuration option for either automatically capturing transactions after successful authorization or getting only the payment authorization when buyers checkout. If "only authorization" is chosen then there will be an operation option at the store backend for capturing the authorized transactions. (time limit for capturing is 5 days).
  • Store backend operation option for voiding successfully captured payment transactions. (Available only for same day transactions. This is a restriction from Cielo).
  • Drupal Commerce and its dependencies.
  • Payment module shipped with Drupal Commerce
  • Libraries API 7.x-1.x or greater.
  • Cielo PHP Library | this is an external library also written by me.
  • Installing Cielo PHP Library:
    Download it from here and copy the folder cielo-php-lib in to either sites/all/libraries or sites/<yourDomain>/libraries
    Testing out on Cielo's Sandbox:

    1. You might want to install Commerce Kickstart. It does all the tedious settings for Drupal Commerce and creates some dummy products.
    2. Enable Commerce Cielo module normally as you would with any other module
    3. Enable Cielo Payment Method at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
    4. Edit the configuration settings at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods/manage/commerce_payment_cielo (Click on the "Edit" operation under Actions)
    5. Make sure "Cielo Sandbox - Test enviroment" is switched on. While in there, you can also play around with the other configuration settings.Note: The external library (Cielo PHP Library) takes care of assigning the test credentials.
    6. You can use the following card numbers for testing on both credit and debit modes:
      (visa) 4012001037141112 (authenticates successfully when in debit mode)
      (visa) 4551870000000183
      (mastercard) 5453010000066167
      (elo) 6362970000457013
      Security Code: Any value (3 digits number)
      Expiration Date: Any date greater than the current date
      Authorizations are granted or denied at random.

    Development Help:

    You can also help out by submitting issues for bugs and help support. It is worth checking out the watch dog log if any unexpected result comes out.
    You are very much encoraged, if being the case for, to submit patches along too.